Analysing BAB TECHNOLOGIE eibport V3 to gain root SSH access

Because of the blind hit with CVE-2020-24573 in BAB TECHNOLOGIE GmbH eibPort V3 for a simple Denial of Service
and the gpg protected firmware file, I was in the mode of “challenge accepted”.

Almost all IoT devices have some security issues, don’t they?
A search for vulnerability reports may or may not be successful.
Is the product secure if there are no vulnerability reports? Has anyone tried it yet and published?

But spending around 1200 € on a device just to hack it? Thanks to online shopping with 14 days right of rescission … yes, finally I did it and it was worth it for both sides.

By design, there are good protections built in, now they’re getting even better.
It was me a pleasure to move forward, to touch and to overcome the barriers.
I got some new insights. At the end I reported 10 issues, from which concretely 6 CVEs will be published.
The manufacturer has identified further 10 issues internally.

As agreed with the manufacturer, further details will follow in a few months only.

To protect your system, update to at least (current) firmware v3.9.1 and setup a strong password.
Change your current password and follow the instructions if your current password does not meet the now enforced minimum requirements.

The impact of the vulnerabilities is not only limited to this special device.
BAB TECHNOLOGIE GmbH is the vendor and manufacturer of the product eibPort V3.
But the same device can be found on different brand labeled vendors:

By now here is the list of identified and published vulnerabilities only:








2021-09-16 post started
2022-xx-xx more technical details are comming


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Written on September 16, 2021